please visit the vox page on for vocab list and syntax.

for testing voxes intended to be played live during videochess streams.

this directory contains an archive of all voxes played live onstream from 2.8.21 onward.
get inspired!

- patch notes -
8.15.21 __ ver

- new toggle: morshu mode. toggle it on/off with ^morshu or ^m.
- any words that follow this command will try to pull from morshu's vocabulary rather than the normal black mesa announcement system vocabulary.
-it must be toggled off again with another ^morshu or ^m to go back to using the regular vox vocab. 
- morshu's vocab is EXTREMELY limited compared to the regular vox so please consult the vox page on to learn his words!

- also added normal vox vocab item: tremendous.
- also added sfx item: semisolidplatwarn.

- lengthened morshunote (n14).

- can now shorten ^song to ^s. this doesn't save characters in most cases unless you are swapping in and out of song mode within one vox.

8.10.21 __ ver

- major feature update: Sentence Mixing. you may now specify where within a clip to start and stop playing. think about each individual clip as having a "progress" from 0 to 1. so .2 is 20% of the way into the clip, .75 is 75% of the way into the clip, etc.
- >: modifying character to select a start point. ie, supercooled>.5 will start halfway into the clip and sound like cooled.
- <: modifying character to select an endpoint. ie, supercooled<.5 will end halfway into the clip and sound like super.
- you can combine both of these, as in supercooled>.25<.75. this will start at 25% and end at 75%, and sound like percool.
- there will probably be bugs! we'll figure them out as we go. vox timing is NOT especially precise, so like every other part of this system, there will be odd behaviors and idiosyncrasies to be learned.

8.2.21 __ ver

- added Stop Vox button so don't have to wait for a vox to finish before retrying.

- new vocab: bladecoffeegiveimbibe (improved sound), postrancher

- new warns: abilitywarncoolwarnpastwarnfuturewarnmysterywarn


- new note: morshunote (n14)

3.26.21 __ ver

- new vocab: hunter, imbibemilkrathalos, italiano

- lowered the volume of bupnote, dantnote, and downote slightly to better match other notes.

2.10.21 __ ver

- there was a bug where using * after a control code like ^song or ^l=# would not properly ditto the most recent valid note. i fixed it

- fixed another edge case involving * and pitch where compounds would be pitched up to 1.1x.

- also fixed it so periods, commas, and restnotes are not eligible to be ditto'd

- added another digit to the version number. 

2.10.21 __ ver 1.0.2

- replaced valve native comma/period sounds (which had static in them) with pure silence.

- fixed bug regarding pitch/duration

- notes can no longer be used outside of song mode.

- added the ditto (*). only usable in song mode. repeats the previous clip. copies pitch as well. using a different pitch string will replace the copied pitch, and using *+0 will return to base pitch. mostly useful for being thrifty with char limit.

new vocab: cubic, ruby, rubies, act, chaos, small, little, richer, jormungandr

new notes: orchnote (n12), shynote (n13)

2.6.21 __ ver 1.0.1

- removed deprecated notes (highcnote, highcatnote, highcuicanote)

- fixed bug regarding clip/pitch duration

- added char counter

- better implementation of webgl copypaste

- made it look slightly nicer

StatusIn development

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